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Lux Skins

Cherry, Grape & Strawberry Thumb Grip (2 Pack)

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Perfect gamer girl (or boy) upgrade with theseFruit thumb grips! Adds that needed comfort and cute for your Nintendo Switch.

UPGRADE YOUR SWITCH ~ Compatible with the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite & Nintendo Switch OLED(NOT compatible with PS4, Switch Pro, or Xbox One Controller)

DESIGN ~ Cute thumb grip caps, make your Nintendo Switch girly and fun with these cute thumb grip caps. Comes in a pack of 2! Choose between Grape, Cherry or Strawberry

COMFORT ~ Super soft and squishy silicone material- comfortable gaming whilst protecting the analog sticks from scratches and dirt

MATCHY - MATCHY ~ Complete the gaming aesthetic look. Perfect with our Strawberry Skins, Pink Skins & Purple Skins.

GIFT IT ~ Perfect for any gamer or to treat yourself!