Application Guide

General Instructions:

1. Clean your device! Wipe down the surfaces of your device to remove dirt and other particles.

2. Peel off the vinyl! Sequentially for each panel, grab the corner of the vinyl and gently peel away from the backing. For thinner areas, lift carefully to avoid any stretching of the vinyl. TIP: Weed out the buttons and holes first for an easier application.

3. Apply and Align! Carefully align the vinyl to the edges. Do not apply hard pressure until you are happy that the panels are aligned correctly to the cut-outs. To reposition lift gently and realign until you get it right. TIP: Always start aligning with side that has more holes

4. Make the magic! Now that everything is perfectly aligned, start applying pressure from the center and work your way out towards the edges. TIP: For curved surfaces heat up the skin with a hairdryer until it is soft before applying pressure. This is key so that you are able to smooth out all the wrinkles!

5. Tag us! Tag us on instagram @LuxSkinsOfficial to SHOW OFF your newly customised device. TIP: Find more installation instructions and tips on our instagram!